Panos Petropoulos

Panos Petropoulos HeadshotPanos Petropoulos is the CEO & Managing Director of Mondial Telecom, which offers technical expertise and a range of 4Talk products that deliver smart, simple Fixed-Mobile Unification solutions to telecom operators, integrators, and value-added resellers. A serial entrepreneur, Panos boasts a proven track-record of transformative impact on the organizations with which he partners. Panos cemented his professional reputation as a determined and decisive team leader after more than a decade of experience as an aggressive negotiator and results-oriented manager. His expertise allows him to identify and focus sharply on exactly what needs to be down to achieve P&L results, and then accomplish these goals regardless of the circumstances.

Panos began his career while completing his degree in General Management at INSEAD. As one of the youngest individuals on campus, Panos sincerely appreciated the freedom his age afforded him from certain pressures or other financial obligations. His studies inspired him to leverage this flexibility and create his own start-up, which aspired to roll out portable DVD players designed for airline passengers. The process of getting this first venture off the ground was illuminating and exposed Panos to a number of investors and business leaders. When Panos evolved beyond the original business concept, one of these connections recruited him to help grow an online photo printing company he had started, The founder eagerly brought Panos on board to manage business expansions across Europe, a perfect role considering his experience – prior to business school, Panos worked for the European Commission and sharpened his skills navigating the idiosyncratic cultures of many different business communities internationally.

During this time, printing at home was widely popular. However, Panos and his team recognised that, structurally speaking, it would become cheaper over time to print online. They moved to position themselves in the market accordingly. became dominant first in Belgium and then across the continent. Over the course of only 3 or 4 years, Panos lead revenue growth from about $300k annually to more than $25M. Eventually, they staffed about 200 people with expanded operations in Germany, France, the UK, Holland, Denmark, and more. After 6 years of steering the company’s expansion, Panos established as one of the top 3 photo printing players in Europe. Once merger conversations began to take place, he pivoted to pursue his next professional venture with business printing company MOO.

Panos met the CEO as a member of the Young Presidents Organization. Once again, his expertise in continental Europe’s very particular and diverse business communities qualified him uniquely to guide MOO  across the cultural and logistical barriers that had previously inhibited its growth. Having already created immense success in a similar role, Panos knew exactly how to create dramatic, positive change in MOO’s trajectory. Commuting from Brussels to London multiple times a week, Panos developed and executed an expansion strategy that would work. Before long, the company was performing strongly in the European market (especially Germany and France). Panos was able to staff his department with strong leadership and pull back into a consulting role. As much as he thrived with MOO, he shifted his priorities towards spending less time commuting across the border and more time with his family.

In Belgium, Mondial Telecom soon tapped Panos Petropoulos. The very first thing Panos did was restructure, working tirelessly to make meaningful changes that would transform the business. Under his guidance, Mondial Telecom grew revenue eightfold and cut expenses in half. Managing rapid growth requires building and leading passionate teams, and Panos deeply values the opportunity to build and manage these partnerships. This approach, when married with a customer-first mentality, is vital in revolutionizing a company and establishing market leadership. This mindset continues to be central to Mondial Telecom’s corporate values today.